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#5: Dave Mowat, what it meant to be CEO of ATB Financial

This is the postal code of the ATB Financial head office where we conducted our interview.

"If you think you have to rape and pillage the environment to get ahead, you don't belong in this business. "

Last year, the Postal Code Chronicles crew brought our recording equipment and went to the downtown core of Edmonton. And there we went up to the top floor of the ATB Financial head office to speak with Dave Mowat. He was the CEO of ATB Financial for 11 years. For those who do not know, ATB Financial is a financial institution that provides financial services to over 753,000 Albertans and Alberta-based businesses. Before that he was the CEO of Vancity, the largest community credit union in Canada as of 2017. If you live in Alberta, your life was most likely influenced by him in some way, whether it was in the form of financial services, the 2015 Royal Review or even the lighting of the highlevel bridge. We sat down with Dave to talk about what it means to be the CEO of a bank and we learn a bit about what it means to be a leader today.

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