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#4: Tina Oh, another feminist killjoy talks about climate justice (BONUS)

"These topics we want to talk about, climate change, racial justice, climate justice, is not fun topics to have, but we have to talk about it."

We speak with Tina Oh, an award-winning environmentalist and organizer. she was named by Starfish as one of Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25. CBC named her one of the top 13 Canadian environmentalists changing Earth for the better. She also won the 2018 Brouwer Youth Award. She is also a Canadian Youth Delegate who attends the annual UN COP meeting. In this episode, we talk about her work as a core organizer of Divest MTA, her experience at COP 24 in Poland and what it means to be a feminist killjoy.

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Tina Oh:


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