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#3: Empowering Women with Wedad Amiri

This was the location of the third release of Afflatus Hijab's third clothing line honouring single mothers at The Creative Hive. The show was sold out.

"We focus on the negative aspects and stereotypes of muslim women that they have no rights, they are oppressed, their husbands control them, but in reality I do not know anyone in my circle like that. Or anyone like that at all. Does it happen? Of course. But does it happen with every culture and people? Absolutely."

"I had to make a decision and that was either coast Afflatus or quit my job and make Afflatus Hijab bigger than before."

In this episode, we speak with Wedad Amiri, the founder and fashion designer of Afflatus Hijab. We learn about how Wedad went from being a government employee to a designer and founder of her own company. We also talk about what modest clothing is, about her walk in the 2018 Maarkah New York Fashion Week, her newest clothing line, and how she uses her company to empower women and destigmatize mental illness. 

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Wedad Amiri


  • Producers: Matt Fok, Kasun Medagedara

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  • Editor: Matt Fok

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