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#2: "Canada's Appa" and More with Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Part 2.

(Formerly) Bathurst Street Theatre where Kim's Convenience was first on stage after being rejected from every other theatre company in Toronto

"As parents all you can do is support them if they need that help. But it's not like they are throwing their lives away. They want to build something. And just because no one has done it before, doesn't mean it's undoable."

Our guest today is a writer, comedian, father, immigrant and an award-winning actor. He has won the Canadian Screen Award for the Best Lead Actor and he was the host for the CBC show, "Canada's Smartest Person Junior." He also plays your favourite father on the hit-show you love to binge! Our guest today is Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, the actor who plays "Appa" on Kim's Convenience.

In this episode, Paul talks about his failures and successes in his career, how he got to Kim's Convenience and what it means to be an Asian actor in the entertainment industry today. This episode contains strong language.

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You can watch Kim's Convenience on CBC Gem for free right now and also on Netflix. You can also watch Paul host "Canada's Smartest Person Junior" on CBC Gem as well.


Paul Sun-Hyung Lee:


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